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“Education to produce tomorrow’s leaders
with the spirit of independence and self-respect”

Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior and Senior High School opened in 1992 with the aim of “fostering new graduates who are aware of their social responsibility and maintain a balance of intellect, sensitivity and physical vigour”, and we will celebrate the 30th anniversary in 2022. Society is now expected to have leaders with the ability to envisage the future while taking on the legacy of history and tradition. In order to produce such future leaders, we develop educational programmes which are tailored to students’ idiosyncrasies, aptitudes, and developmental stages, while honouring Yukichi Fukuzawa’s legacy of jitsugaku and responding appropriately to the changing times. Students who have grown in diverse environments gather in our school, broaden their horizons, and acquire the basics for playing an active role on the global stage through customised English and other language education. Furthermore, in their learning process, students will acquire the ability to distinguish the correct information instead of blindly trusting the information propagated through society, and the ability to respond to change in the complex society, just as Fukuzawa’s Gakumon no susume (An Encouragement of Learning) states that “There is much that is false in the realm of belief, and much that is true in the realm of doubt.” On the other hand, while not having to consider students’ preparation for university entrance examinations, teachers maintain a constant awareness of what students really need for surviving in society to come, and strive to improve the quality of their classes by continually reviewing their contents. Through six years of education, we foster “creativity imbued with deep sensitivity and rooted in true learning,” “the capacity to deeply empathise with other people and to explore for the root cause,” “powers of discernment based on a global perspective allied with an appreciation of Japanese culture,” and “the ability to actively contribute to society.” We also aim to nurture new leaders who have the courage and spirit to “create history on their own” with an eye to the future while keeping with the traditions of Keio Gijuku.

Principal, Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior and Senior High School

Yoshikazu Onoe